Mystery Shopping 

Why mystery shopping is important for business 

Mystery shopping help the company get better at what it does.  to deliver their brand promise to customers.

Mystery shoppers give an unbiased customer response to their experience. The information they provide to the company can then be used to help the company improve what it does in the future.

Your Business will Make more money by applying Mystery Shopping with NBD-Business. Mystery shopping has two types of ROIs:

First, mystery shopping can protect your brand’s reputation. Ensuring that every location and every franchisee is delivering on the brand standards means that the brand and all its franchisees win. Remember, a brand can be no better than its lowest performing operator.

Second, the operational standards assessed by mystery shopping can predict both customer loyalty and various financial outcomes.

Now that’s worth measuring.

Measure your standards

We design our questionnaires to align with your brand standards. What gets measured gets done. We can measure the simple things and the complex things. Our clients use mystery shopping to help every location improve its delivery on the brand promise.

Customer satisfaction and Customer experience

Mystery shopping gives a company an inside look into the customer experience and provides it with a way to gage customer satisfaction. This is extremely important when trying to find ways to innovate and grow a company’s customer base.

Audit of company’s employees

Another important role that mystery shopping provides is insight into how employees are interacting with customers. This helps to ensure that all of a store’s employees are conducting themselves in the right way and giving the customer the best experience possible.

Future employees and training

mystery shopping can give a company insight as to what it should look for in future employees. The information received can also help companies improve their training processes by identifying areas where employees lacked skills or competencies.