Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Customer experience is increasingly becoming the difference between organizations that win, and organizations that become extinct.

Even in the FMCG industry. Gone are the days of FMCG being about quality products and efficient supply chains only. Now, customer experience needs to be front and Centre for all FMCG producers.

Retail stores, restaurants and service providers get face-to-face interaction with their customers, making the opportunities for an amazing customer experience abundant. FMCG producers don’t have that same luxury—their goods are sold through a third party more often than not, in an environment they have little control over. So, how can FMCG businesses influence customer experience?

The answer lies in creativity and knowing your customer, differentiating your brand in innovative ways and offering the customer an excellent experience.

By offering a spread of product sizes, quantities, and types you allow each customer to have the experience best suited to his needs.

An opportunity exists for FMCG businesses to become more customer-orientated. It’s no longer about quality and efficiency—customer experience, in the form of added value and convenience, are the driving differentiators. View your products and packaging through the lens of your customers and be one of the businesses that thrives in the future, not one which becomes extinct.