Public Services 

Customer Experience in the Public Sector

Government agencies that focus on strengthening customer service serve people better.

We help government leaders at all levels to understand what the people they serve care about and transform the services they deliver.


The benefits of a customer-centric strategy aren’t limited to private-sector businesses. Government agencies at every level can gain by putting the needs and wants of citizens first.

A growing movement is under way among government leaders who have begun to champion customer experience as a powerful tool for achieving mission outcomes, increasing employee engagement, improving government revenue collections, and building overall trust in government.

Government agencies that are unclear on what matters most to their customers risk wasting time and resources on the things that don’t.


What we do ?

We support senior government leaders in achieving substantial and lasting improvements in the experience they provide to individuals they serve, businesses, nonprofit and other agencies, and government employees. We help our clients do the following:

  • Understand what matters most to customers by exploring how satisfied they are with their customer journeys, uncovering pain points, and identifying underlying causes.
  • Build a business case for transforming customer experience by linking critical outcomes concerning mission, employee engagement, risk reduction, finances, and public trust in government.
  • Set a vision and aspirations for customer experience, taking into account the realities on the ground, including resource availability, timetable constraints, and competing priorities.
  • Design improvement initiatives based on in-depth research.
  • Scale up the transformation through effective change management and by embedding customer-experience measures to track impact and support continuous improvement.